Monday, May 31, 2010

Fashion Frocks

Fashion Frocks, Inc. was a company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Women sold their clothing by going door to door or by throwing parties. The dresses were reasonably priced and very lovely. The artwork is stunning. And I love reading about the fabrics and actually getting to feel them as those are real fabric swatches. A big part of some of these ads was devoted to the fabric and how it behaved. This was pre-permanent press and women were just beginning to learn about synthetic fibers. They still wore lots of natural fibers.

I remember my mother wearing clothes like this when we went on a trip to Pennsylvania in about 1958. I've never forgotten the full skirts and beautiful cottons. She looked wonderful in them. They were so flattering to everyone.

I'll be posting more of these photos in the coming days. These wonderful style cards will be listed eventually in my Etsy shop called Coconut Pie.