Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let's hear it for lingerie

Do people even wear peignoirs any more? Or how about gowns like that Grecian model on the right? Looking at this pattern reminds me that my dad used to wait until Christmas Eve to go shopping for Mom. (He always worked a half day on Christmas Eve too.) Used to drive her crazy. But, back then, the stores didn't sell out and there was still plenty of gorgeous merchandise left if you had enough money to pay for it (which evidently Dad did.)

Some Christmases Mom got clothes from Selber Brothers in Shreveport. But sometimes she got lingerie. Beautiful peignoir sets. I was always impressed by all that gorgeous nylon and lace.

We were watching "Bachelor Mother" the other day and Ginger Rogers plays a relatively poor girl who works in a department store. On New Year's Eve, she doesn't have a date but is listening to the radio in her robe. Michael noticed that she had on high-heeled satin slippers. Totally believable. I remember slippers like that. Oh, the elegance of that era.

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