Sunday, November 14, 2010

What is the strangest thing you have made from fabric?

I love the old patterns that taught you to make cool stuff like hats, gloves, purses, home decor, stuffed animals, etc. I get the feeling that there were lots of women back in the day who would try any project if it involved fabric. My grandson recently was pleased to get his birthday gift from my daughter and said, "It's not made of fabric!" Hm-m-m. There's a young woman who makes anything she can from fabric.I love this one on the left because of that cute big cap from the seventies. The smaller hat is cool too as it isn't made from fleece or anything stretch but from cotton or wool type fabrics.

I think one of the strangest things I ever made from fabric was a new boot cover for my son's car. That's that vinyl goodie that wraps around your gear shift knob. Another might be a valve cover for my husband's tuba. It catches the drips that otherwise would land on the floor. So what's your weirdest project?