Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fab Glass Dress

People who live in glass dresses should make sure they have really clean underwear. Seriously folks, this fabulous statue is in the Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG to those in the know) in Corning, New York.  I thought that Corning became famous because of borosilicate glass (think Pyrex) but in fact, they became very important when they started mass producing glass envelopes (light bulbs) for Edison in the 1880s.

I personally love borosilicate glass and couldn't even estimate the number of food items I've prepared in a FireKing or Pyrex glass dish.

This statue and many other pieces of modern art glass and amazing historical glass made the trip really worthwhile. It's definitely family friendly. Kids and teens get in free. And there are lots of things for people of all ages to do.

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