Monday, June 14, 2010

Circus Time Suit

Another pattern I can't list in my shop. It's got too many missing pieces. The dachshund transfer is also gone, but there's a few really good pictures of it in the instructions. Someone clever could probably enlarge it on a copier and...But you see, no one will ever use this one. And that's too bad. I cannot save them all so this one might just have to go that trashbin in the sky where all incomplete, tatty, ratty and smelly patterns go. But at least, I have a copy of it for all time.

So look at the robe and pajama outfit. Doesn't that look like she could just climb out of one of those little clown cars at the circus? The dachshund on his hind legs with the hat on also adds to the circus theme as do the pompons on the girl's slippers. The other set of pajamas, knee length with lace sure look fifties to me.

Hard to date this one Could be early sixties. But there's that fifties dog theme. Poodles, weenie dogs, what's the difference?

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