Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Had to Be There--The Early Seventies

This pattern has a really funny story. My mom just found it in her house along with the first pattern I ever made and the pattern for the dress I wore on the first day of first grade. This pattern is unused. Evidently, I bought this pattern for my sweetie, didn't have time to make it up, and left it behind when I got married in 1971. So now it has reappeared.

I was listing this one in my shop late last night and took a good look at the pattern art. Check out the guy on the right. If you didn't live through the early seventies, it might be hard for you to imagine any guy you know wanting to wear a see-through orange shirt with funky collar. (Or a Davy Crockett look-alike top with rawhide lacing for that matter.) People talk about the sixties, but the hippie styles  didn't really hit until the very end of them. The early 70s were much funkier, in fact.

Anatomically, something very strange is going on with the orange couple. Both shirts are see-through and yet...

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